Saturday, June 4, 2011

Speaking of fans,,,,

NaBloPoMo has the theme of fans. I thought of a few topics on that subject, but not much I really wanted to post about. Except now I don't have an option because...

I am a hockey fan.

Okay, not a particularly devout fan, but when my team makes it to the playoffs, I start watching the games. Before, I follow off and on, mostly online. Of course, for the first time since 1994, my team is playing in the Stanley Cup FINALS.

And the game is going into OT. I will watch until they score...even if it means three periods of OT. I'll watch every minute of it.

So I can't really do much since I am between periods, I have limited typing time. And I haven't had dinner yet. So, I need to make something to eat and be ready for the next period.

I even have a brand new movie, Touch of Pink all loaded up and ready to watch. Dang it. I really wanted to watch it. It looked interesting.*le sigh*

Maybe I'll still watch it....but that will make for one late night and I was up early.


And the Canucks scored 11 seconds into the OT, so, ummmmm, sorry, this is all you get because I still want to watch my movie!

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