Sunday, June 5, 2011

OMG! It's the Life List!

I poured my heart and soul into somewhere else tonight. So you are getting some more from the list. It's been a bit since I've posted from the list.

30. Go Kite Boarding
I saw this sport on TV once and it looked like so much fun. I don’t ever have to be good at it, but just once I’d like to give it a try.

31. Go Hang Gliding
You hardly ever hear anyone mention this anymore and sometimes I wonder if anyone ever does it anymore, but I know someone does and I want to try it myself. Just floating on the breezes, flying like the birds.

32. Learn to Snowboard
I’ve been skiing all my life, but I’ve never really had the opportunity to learn to snowboard. One of these years I will sacrifice my knees and butt to learning the art of the snowboard. Maybe if I can figure this one out, I’ll have an easier time with surfing?

33. Live in a different country
Just for a few months. Work if I can, or just learn if I can’t. My sister had the chance to live in England for a couple of years and I envy her that experience. I’ve always wanted to try and live in another country, but make no mistake – Canada is my home.

34. Go to a Ball
Fancy dresses, dancing and champagne. A night of looking good and feeling like a princess in a fairytale – glass slipper optional. I don’t care where the ball is, but just once I’d like to be in a place where everyone looks stunning and everyone is dancing. (High school prom didn’t count)

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