Wednesday, June 1, 2011

NaBloPoMo - Again!

One day into NaBloPoMo and I've already failed. Of course, I'll be back posting this so as not to appear to have failed.

The reason for my failure so early in the game? Well, there are multiple reasons. I'll list them for you.

  1. The Hocky Game - Canucks vs. Bruins - Game on of the Stanley Cup Finals.
  2. Pain and Lack of Sleep - Yeah, I was exhausted and I dragged myself off to bed as soon as the game was over. I hurt my foot a little bit ago and the pain has been making it hard to sleep.
  3. I really have no other reasons, but since I said multiple reasons I wanted a list that was longer than two items.
  4. Oh, almost forgot,'s not an excuse. Nevermind.

However, I will start on my June 2 entry as soon as I get home from my 'date' tonight. So long as I don't collapse in to an exhausted heap again.

So blogging prompts are welcome to keep me writing...and hey, I still have items left to post from the Life List and 50 Q's. Ha! Filler posts here we come. lol

Oh, and sorry for the long absence. I get easily distracted by life.

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