Sunday, June 26, 2011


Yesterday there was no blog post and for very good reason. I was up at 0530h, out of the house by 0700h-ish and I wasn't home again til 0100h. That's right, I was literally gone all day.

And where was I?

Well I was invited by a friend to join her and another person on a bit of a wander around Banff National Park and, more specifically, Lake Louise. Having never actually been to Lake Louise, I said yes - of course.

We went to the Columbia Icefields, we hiked up to Fairview Viewpoint (which is quite literally UP) and then a leisurely walk on that goes to the far end of the lake from the hotel.

It was nice to know that even though I haven't been running lately, I am in half decent shape. I was able to keep a good pace, but since I quickly outpaced those I was with, I had to stop and wait a lot. Then I had a "brilliant" plan on the hike to the viewpoint.

I would run up the mountain until I started to get winded...then I waited and did it again. It was good fun and great exercise. It makes me hopeful that if I can ever find someone to backpack with me, I might have the chance to hit the back country.

Heck, I have a wonderful weekend trip all pre-planned for Waterton. Easy hike to the camp, a circle loop the next day up a mountain and then an easy hike back out on day three. I want to do it so bad! But, I digress.

While in the park we experienced an entire year of weather. Snow, Rain, Sun, Hail and High Winds were around a different parts of the day. It was great fun. I got wet, I got muddy and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Pictures are to come of course.

Now, I need to go to bed because I spent all day procrastinating and now I have to try to get up early to get done the things that need to be done before I go to work tomorrow.

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