Saturday, June 11, 2011

Never as Planned

Although I am the first to declare that I really don't have much of a life outside of work, somehow my weekends fill up all too quickly. Every now and then I try to keep a weekend free so that I can just chill for a bit, clean my apartment etc.

This was to be one of those weekends. No plans. Just me, hanging about my place, doing whatever. I had a few things I wanted to accomplish, but the hours were free after that. Some webdesign work, some writing, do a load ro two of laundry and finish making the living area look "perfect".

My Saturday started late because even though I woke up at 06h38h, I didn't bother to actually get out of bed till much later. Then I did some dishes, cleaned out the fridge and made myself breakfast. In that order.

I got a call telling me about a friend’s rugby game today so I made a minor adjustment to my plan to allow for some time to watch the game. I'd just work on the websites later.

An hour later, I get a call from another friend, the wife of my buddy who was playing the game later. She asked to borrow some blankets because it was colder than she expected and she had her girls rugby that she coaches at the Jr. High coming to watch a few games.

I said it wasn't a problem, of course, and she responded that that was good because she was at my front door waiting to be let in. So instead of waiting a couple of hours to go I went and watched an extra game.

Instead of going straight home afterwards to catch up on lost time, I ended up taking another friend who had joined us later at the game to a new place downtown. It's a coffee shop....and more. We had some chips from the chip truck and some Italian sodas from the bus and watched the people from the top of the double decker. Erm, the bus is the coffee shop.

Then instead of going home after that, we ended up going shopping because she was going to one of the few places I could get my Bangkok Curry instant rice noodles (by Thai Kitchen). So I couldn't say no. It wasn't a store that was normally convenient for me to go to.

Of course, while shopping, I some great sales and I ended up picking up a new $30 jacket for only $3. That's right. I got it for 10% of the original price. Finally, after that, I got to go home. Much later than I had wanted to be home. I finally finished watching the movie I had been in the middle of watching when I left to go to the rugby game.

Of course, when all was said and done, the hour was much later than what I would have preferred. Nothing that I had wanted to accomplish today had been done and now I have to use up my Sunday to do it all.

But that's okay. It was a darned good day. I enjoyed it a lot. It always kinda surprising what can happen when things never go as planned.

Oh yeah, and in the middle of writing this I heard a loud crash outside. I went to investigate because I am a good concerned (oh alright, overly curious) citizen. Apparently, someone had run into the road closed sign. The one with the big flashing light on it. Go figure.

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