Thursday, December 29, 2016

Happy Whatever!

I don't know about all of you, but I had a wonderful few days off from my regular job. I made a beautiful turkey and fixings for myself. That's right. I spent the holidays all on my own with the dogs and cats and bunny. I had plans to get some writing done since I was home alone, but it turned out that I really needed a writing break. So nothing got done.

But I did have a really good holiday. We got a foot of snow by Christmas Eve and my neighbours invited me out to look at the lights in our town. We walked the whole town - which isn't too difficult to do even with a foot of new snow since it is only about 4 blocks in size with a populate of about 113 people.

For a small town there are quite a few people who light up their homes. Of course is could be because there are a lot older retired people here, but it really is a nice little town.

It wasn't until the day after boxing day that  I finally even left my home. My friends and I drove two the city to the south of us to pick up some great deals at the big mall and then to the zoo that lights up their park. It's actually quite pretty.

Then of course it was back to the grind. And today I brushed off the computer and worked on some flash fiction for a contest. I'll let you know how that one goes. Now, that I have my writing groove back a bit hopefully that means I will be able to polish some more stories to get some things out there for you all.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Two Down and Many More to Go

I decided to start my 2017 a bit early by starting the stronger focus on my writing already. I am very proud to announce that this week I completed two full first drafts. I can definitely say that it feels really good to be getting things out of my WIP list and into the Revisions list. I even managed to get my writings folders better organized to make it easier to know where I am on different stories! As for the finished first drafts here are a few summaries for you:

Good Intentions
Book 1 in the Shadowlands Series
In a world that has fallen into darkness and fear, Rubel Sabine dares to not only dream of a better world, but to work for it. All he wants is to create a world where people can be free and unafraid. He's willing to do almost anything to unite the cities under his vision of a single government and that means compromising many of the ideals that he aspired to. How far he will fall is a question only time can answer.

Feathers & Fae
Emmett has one task - to keep Kami safe. Not an easy task with someone as head strong and impulsive as she can be. After being chased by an ominous presence in the shadows, Emmett and Kami find themselves in the realm of Mythos – a place where all the mythological creatures that are a myth to them actually exist. Their goal is to return home which is no easy task - especially now that Kami has learned one very important fact. Almost everything Emmett has ever told her, including his own name, has been a lie.
Can Emmett keep his secret or will he be forced to reveal everything and put them in even more danger? Either way it could mean the end of everything - or maybe not.

I also have other good news, Road to Redemption is now available in PRINT! That’s right. You can order a physical copy of the book on Amazon. So for those of you who do not own a Kindle you can finally get your hands on this incredible book.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

A day in the life - Habits

Recently I got persuaded to start using Habitica by a wonderful group of writers that I hang out with online. I've known them all for a couple of years now and after two years of talking about it I finally gave in. Perhaps, I thought to myself, this just might be the thing I need to start getting my life in order.

It's only been three days and I am still doing the 'get-to-know-you' dance with the website and app. I'm still unsure of what I am doing or even why I am doing it. However, it does feel nice to be making this attempt at organizing my hectic life.

Of course, one of the daily tasks I have assigned myself is simply known as "Writing" - something that I should be doing everyday. Should be. However, as any writer who still works a day job to pay the bills will tell you - that isn't how life works.

Between the full time (and then some!) day job, the commute and the fact that there is no one to help me out with what needs to be done around my house that leaves little time for much else in my life. I often get about an hour to myself while eating dinner to get some writing done and by that time I usually just want to not have to think or work.

So what is a girl to do?

No, really - what should I do? What do I do in November where I zip out a new first draft of a possibly salvageable novel?

Well, in November I ignore things for the writing. I make dates with myself on the weekend to write. I stay up late and try desperately not to make mistakes at work because I am so tired. Last thing I want to do is be the reason someone accidentally blows themselves up. Not really an exaggeration with my job - it could happen.

I have multiple WIP's right now and I would love very much to get them out there for you all to read. Of course, I want them to be good when I send them out into the world for others to see. So for now I am hoping trying out Habitica will help to keep me on track. Eventually work will slow down and I will have more time to do things during the week. Perhaps I'll learn what really makes those night owls tick.

Whatever way you cut this, this is my way of letting you all know that I am trying. I am working hard to get a new novel out there for you all. Perhaps more than one if I have my way!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Limited Time Sale - Road to Redemption

Yup, you read that right! It's a hard decision for a writer to decide to put their hard work out there at such a low price, but when you're doing it on your own, then sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and take a loss like this.

However, there is always a bright side - and that is I am planning on rededicating myself to my writing and getting some new books out there. This includes the long awaited sequel to this book - Depths of Darkness. 

And since another NaNo has come and (almost) gone  I am proud to announce that a whole new first draft has been finished and is currently in edits. Titled Feathers & Fae - it's a fantasy adventure.

Here's a little sneak peak of the brand new cover for this novel to entice you a little further. I'm still working on a summary for the story - your back cover as you will. In rough though....

Emmett has one task in his life - to keep Kami safe. Not an easy task with someone as head strong and impulsive as she could be. After being chased by an ominous presence in the shadows, Emmett and Kami find themselves in the realm of mythos. Their goal is to return back to where they came from which is no easy task - especially now that Kami has learned one very important fact. Almost everything Emmett has ever told her has been a lie.

Can Emmett keep his secret or will he be forced to reveal everything and put them in even more danger? Either way it could mean the end of everything - or maybe not.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Important announcement!

I am happy to announce that my down time hasn't been entirely down! I have redesigned the cover to my first novel Road to Redemption and re-released it on Amazon for Kindle!

I'm very excited about this and I hope to bring this some new life and more exposure as I continue to work on the next novel in this series as well as other stand alone novels and series. 

Centuries ago Michel made a deal with the devil and now, for longer than he cares to think about, he's only just managed to stay one step ahead of the death and destruction cursed to follow him for eternity. Now his wanderings have brought him to the strange city of La Port and a girl who knows a thing or two about the supernatural. Paige is determined to rid Michel of his curse and free him from Satan's grasp. When Satan discovers her involvement in his affairs, Michel must tread the depths of hell itself to save her and maybe save himself as well.

I've included links below for a few regions! Thank you for taking the time to look at my post. If you do purchase my novel. double thanks.


Monday, March 14, 2016

Life Update

Just popping in to let everyone know that I am still alive. Overwhelmed with the move and the dog shows and everything else going on in my life, but still alive.

I also just wanted to direct you guys to a fun writing project that I am doing with a good friend. I promise I won't let it cut too much into my writing time. However, I am very excited to share thus with all of you!.

Please take a moment and check out Untamed Writers!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

That's Life

I know it may seem like it's been a while since I've posted anything, but sometimes life just gets away from a person. I have so many exciting and wonderful things going on in my life that there are moments I just plain forget to share about with all of you.

Some of the biggest news in my life happens to the fact that I have recently purchased my very first home. One of the big mental hurdles I face when writing is having a dedicated writing space. This is one thing that I am very much hoping to change in my new location. While I won't have an office set up (I opted for a workout room instead) I have decided to make my kitchen my writing location. A little chair, a little table and coffee near at hand make it ideal.

For those that know me a little better, you may also know that I have a show dog that I am actively showing. The original plan was to get her Canadian Championship and then shave her down, but somehow I have been convinced to continue showing her this year. Alright, I'll be honest with all of you, I love showing her so it wasn't that hard to convince me to continue.

I have tried to edge in a little time here and there for writing with my main focus being on Depths of Darkness, the sequel of Road to Redemption. It is proceeding slowly due to the significant lack of time, but it is proceeding all the same! I can't wait to announce that when it was ready to send to Amazon and iBooks for purchase!