Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Important announcement!

I am happy to announce that my down time hasn't been entirely down! I have redesigned the cover to my first novel Road to Redemption and re-released it on Amazon for Kindle!

I'm very excited about this and I hope to bring this some new life and more exposure as I continue to work on the next novel in this series as well as other stand alone novels and series. 

Centuries ago Michel made a deal with the devil and now, for longer than he cares to think about, he's only just managed to stay one step ahead of the death and destruction cursed to follow him for eternity. Now his wanderings have brought him to the strange city of La Port and a girl who knows a thing or two about the supernatural. Paige is determined to rid Michel of his curse and free him from Satan's grasp. When Satan discovers her involvement in his affairs, Michel must tread the depths of hell itself to save her and maybe save himself as well.

I've included links below for a few regions! Thank you for taking the time to look at my post. If you do purchase my novel. double thanks.

CA: https://goo.gl/T6W5IA
US: https://goo.gl/y5G3nP
UK: https://goo.gl/6MJm7q
AU: https://goo.gl/XYofrN

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