Thursday, December 22, 2016

Two Down and Many More to Go

I decided to start my 2017 a bit early by starting the stronger focus on my writing already. I am very proud to announce that this week I completed two full first drafts. I can definitely say that it feels really good to be getting things out of my WIP list and into the Revisions list. I even managed to get my writings folders better organized to make it easier to know where I am on different stories! As for the finished first drafts here are a few summaries for you:

Good Intentions
Book 1 in the Shadowlands Series
In a world that has fallen into darkness and fear, Rubel Sabine dares to not only dream of a better world, but to work for it. All he wants is to create a world where people can be free and unafraid. He's willing to do almost anything to unite the cities under his vision of a single government and that means compromising many of the ideals that he aspired to. How far he will fall is a question only time can answer.

Feathers & Fae
Emmett has one task - to keep Kami safe. Not an easy task with someone as head strong and impulsive as she can be. After being chased by an ominous presence in the shadows, Emmett and Kami find themselves in the realm of Mythos – a place where all the mythological creatures that are a myth to them actually exist. Their goal is to return home which is no easy task - especially now that Kami has learned one very important fact. Almost everything Emmett has ever told her, including his own name, has been a lie.
Can Emmett keep his secret or will he be forced to reveal everything and put them in even more danger? Either way it could mean the end of everything - or maybe not.

I also have other good news, Road to Redemption is now available in PRINT! That’s right. You can order a physical copy of the book on Amazon. So for those of you who do not own a Kindle you can finally get your hands on this incredible book.

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