Thursday, June 23, 2011

KickTheHabit and Goals

So, I’ve made a chore and activities list. I contemplated a calendar style and a list style, but I think the list style won out on this one. I’m going to give it a trial usage and see how it works for me. I’m not sure I’ve covered everything on my list. I’m sure there is more I can add to it. Suggestions are, of course, more than welcome.

Chore list - click to see larger image

Yeah, that is an excel spreadsheet. I’ll print off a copy to pin to….my front door? Will that be a good place to put it? Maybe, we’ll give it a try and see. If I had a laminator I would laminate it so I could use erasable marker on it. Guess it’ll just have to be pencil and eraser instead.

Since yesterday was my start on not procrastinating so much, I did manage to tackle a few things on my to do list. I baked 3 dozen or so cookies (if you can’t be skinny make your co-workers fat), I did some dishes and, as you can see above, I made my chore and activity checklist. I didn’t get to scrubbing down the bathroom or doing my laundry. I had a nap instead, but still, I accomplished some of the items on my list.
I really wish I had a white board style so that I can add special tasks at the bottom that need to be completed; special tasks that I only do every once in a while. Like making three flavours of sorbet before my family get here. Packing for a trip is another task I have coming up. Baking goodies for a day out with friends. Those sorts of things have their places, but sometimes I need reminding of them so that I am not doing everything last minute.

So that about wraps it up for my follow up to yesterday’s post Procrastination.

Now, on a whole other note (but not really), I had the random thought that if this task and activities list works out well for me, why don’t I try a goal list? This would be slightly more long term and will have a lot more fluctuation in it. A way of keeping track of progress on things I want to do.

I always have tonnes ideas and things I want to do, but sometimes I just get distracted and end up not doing what I really want. Like going to San Fran on my own. I still really want to do that. Getting free of all my debt…every last penny. Small goals too, like getting a steam cleaner for my couch or a bike, or a limited-speed motorcycle (whole other story there). Finishing my novel would be on there as well.

I could keep it as not just a list, but as a progress chart. You know, like the kind they use for fundraisers where the goal is a specific amount (like to fly to San Francisco). Something where I show some real progress. I can track it and feel good about my progress or guilty about my lack of progress.

I think, what I’m trying to get at is giving myself a more focused life and lifestyle. I don’t want to 40 and wonder what I’ve been doing for the last 10 years. I don’t want to have to start wondering about why I never did manage to do ‘this’ or ‘that’. I want to be able to go, I did ‘this’ or I did ‘that’ or, ‘I’m still on track for doing it’.

Now chalk another one up for my goal to fight procrastination. Once again I used my free lunch hour to write my blog post instead of leaving it until the last minute. I’m so proud of myself.

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