Thursday, December 9, 2010

Scillian Lemon Italian Soda

Ever had one? It's really quite good actually.

I was going to sit here and sip on mine and write s blog about the generosity of strangers and how good it feels to help someone. Instead I started watching Veronica Mars and now it's way late for me and I have no blog written at all.

Can we say that I may have time management issues? So you will get a couple of new items from my backup posts - The Life List.

From the Life List:

2. Skydiving

I know, this is on nearly everyone’s list, but I still want to do it. Just because everyone else wants to or has, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t. The rush would be just awesome. Falling, ground rushing at me and the knowledge that this could very well be the last thing I do if anything goes wrong. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

3. Climb a Mountain

Some might say I’ve already done this one, but I disagree. I have never actually climbed all the way to the top of a mountain, but I have hiked up many a mountainside. It doesn’t have to be any particularly special mountain, just one that I can be proud to say I’ve climbed to the top of.

4. Learn the Ukulele

I actually wanted to complete this one this year, but it never came to be. I’m not taking it off my list though. I am going to learn the ukulele. And after that, the guitar maybe.

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