Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Life List

I have spent the time since I was challenged to NaBloPoMo wondering what in the world I could possibly write about everyday. I mean, I don't have oodles of free time to try writing short stories (which I suck at anyway). I go to work then I come home and often work some more. Especially this time of the year.

Yesterday I managed to inspire myself, even if I managed to inspire no one else. I began to think about all the things I want to do and I began to make a list. Most would call it a bucket list - things to do before they die. To me, it's a life list - things to do to keep myself feeling alive.

So far, the list has only 51 items on it. It is by no means complete though. I will continue to add to it as things occur to me. When I think of something more I want to do, then I will add it to the list. I will also welcome suggestions from others on things I might be interested in doing.

I will not be posting the list completely as it is. It will serve as fodder for those days when I am just too busy or too tired to write anything else of interest. It'll be two, three or maybe even four items at a time. It's more than just a simple list.

Today I will visit the first item on my list to give you an idea of what I am talking about here.

From The Life List

1. Visit Antarctica
Even though this list is only in the order that things occurred to me, this one is number one for a reason. I have always wanted to go to Antarctica. Seriously, for as long as I can remember. If I was offered a job as a garbage collector at any of the stations down there I would take it in a heartbeat.

I honestly don't know what the lure is for me. I do prefer cold weather over warm, but something about this frozen continent calls to me. Maybe it's the barrenness of the land or the fact that no one can own it. Whatever it is, I will visit it in my lifetime and the sooner the better.

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