Thursday, December 23, 2010

Presents Under the Tree

Okay, I was actually going to write a short christmas themed story, but I never quite got around to doing that today. Instead, I remembered that I still had one more gift to buy. So I ran out and did that, then I came home and wrapped the presents. Now I still have to pack before I leave tomorrow afternoon.

I actually enjoy wriapping presnts. It's not something that I am *really* good at, but I do enjoy it and I do try very hard to make my presents look pretty. I only actually had four presents to wrap up. One for my best friend, one for her man, one for another friend and a shared gift for my fishing buddy and his awesome wife.

I think I didn't do too bad. See for yourself:


I will still be posting from the road for tomorrow and the next few days while I'm literally in the middle of nowhere Saskatchewan. I have my internet stick (or dongle if you're in the UK) so I won't be out of touch.

Now, to packing I go. I need to be ready as soon as i leave work tomorrow. No time to waste. Everything, but the essentials and the frozen items get packed tonight!

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