Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Baby Steps

Today I was doing some Christmas shopping and being reminded of exactly why I don't like the holidays, but this post isn't about that. There is enough out there that you can read on that subject. What I want to tell you about is what I did during this shopping trip.

With bags in hand I headed back towards the exit to rid myself of the crushing crowd and annoying music when I passed a store I had passed many times before. Often I would find myself looking at this particular store and dreaming. Dreaming of what I could be doing.

I stood outside of a Flight Centre. The colourful ads for far away places. Exotic destinations. Places I want to go and have never been, places where I may never get the chance to go. Often I stare at the prices on the wall for great deals to London, Tokyo, Hawaii.

I almost continued walking like I usually did, but then I turned back. I thought to myself that it couldn't hurt ask. Just ask if they handled any trips to places like Antarctica. Not the usual request, but they certainly did. The girl I talked to was wonderful and even though the prices were higher than I would have liked, I left hopeful.

I told her I had no plans or funds to go right away, but maybe in a year or two. She told me that the tour she was telling me about often had some great sales come our summer time to pre-sell their tours. I mean, who wants to go to Antarctica instead of a warm destination? While, I for one do.

It feels like I just took a big step forward from dreaming to reality. Now if only I could manage to do that with the rest of my life. Baby steps though. Maybe one day I'll even get to call myself happy/.

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