Wednesday, December 22, 2010

And now for a quick break

I'm sitting here trying to write the next installment of Grounds to Leaves (G2L), a story series that you can find on my other blog: It's all written except for one small detail. As song.

I wimped out on writing a song at an earlier point in the story, but I decided that I needed to face this challenge head on. So I have spent the last four hours trying to write a song. So far, I have the course and that is all.

I am determined to finish writing this "hit single" of mine before I go to bed. I promised a story update in my other blog before Christmas and I threatened myself with loss of limb if I didn't stay true to my word. Therefore, to save my limbs, I am getting this done tonight.

So instead of anything fascinating, you get this short, rambling post about how hard it is for me write anything 'lyrical'. Seriously, this is really hard for me. I think I would so have to refuse if someone challenged me FAWM. This song writing thing is killing me and it's only one song.

So back I go to making my horrible lyrics. If you actually want to read what I came up with, you'll find it on my other blog. So go ahead, go hurt your brain with my horrid song writing. If you ask really nice, I'll sing it for you too, but I warn you, I am a TERRIBLE singer.

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