Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A day in the life...

Okay, well technically it's only a "morning in the life" of me. Because this morning was something else entirely. I skipped over the popping outside in my pj's and housecoat to see the lunar eclipse, but I did that too. Now get over your shock of my posting before 11pm MT and read on.

Today my day started at 2am in the morning. Not intentionally, mind you, I went to bed just after 10pm thinking to get an early start to my day. A 5am start, but things didn't quite work that way.

With several hours to spare and no hope of returning to sleep, I looked at my apartment and decided that I needed to do some cleaning. And not just cleaning, I needed to reorganize as well. I started in my den.

I pulled apart the shelving unit that adorns the back wall of my room. I have little storage in my tiny apartment and this was my solution. I added shelves, moved shelves and reorganized where things went.

By the time 6am rolled around, I had a room that I didn't actually hate. It was swept and somewhat organized. I moved on a bit to the kitchen. Doing dishes and scrubbing down my stove and oven. I gave the living area a quick once over with the broom and vacuumed my hallway.

It was at this point that I realized I needed to have a shower, make my breakfast and lunch for work or I would be late. So I rush about get my lunch ready in time, shower, dress and dry my hair. Breakfast was still cooking when I realized that I was going to be late if I tried to eat it at home.

So I packed up my breakfast in another container and headed for the door where I realized I had to take out the garbage. Early in the morning I had also decided to clean out my fridge before leaving for the Christmas and I had a bag full of stuff that needed to go out right away, not to mention two other bags of assorted garbage.

So I throw my messenger bag over my shoulder, dig out my keys and grab all three bags in one hand. It was nearly a mistake. I managed to get out my door, lock the door and shove my keys back into my pocket in time to rescue the heaviest of the bags from ripping open into the apartment hallway.

Thankfully, no further delays or incidents ensued until I arrived, somewhat tired from my early start, at work. Out of the six or seven people who had arrived in the office before, not one had bothered to put on coffee - the coffee that I so desperately needed at this point.

So I set to work making the first pot when one of my co-workers asks me for some help fixing her computer. Another co-worker had played a prank on her by setting her monitors to flipped and reversing the order (we have dual monitors at work). So I fixed it and went back to grab my coffee.

I got my coffee and then, once the other people who had neglected to make coffee before I arrived, saw that I had coffee, they rushed en masse and finished off the pot leaving another co-worker who had just arrived to make a whole new pot just so she could have some coffee.

Then it was work as usual. Or at least it would be if we weren't so dead. So instead of doing my job, I've been cleaning and organizing things at work. And writing this blog post on company time as well.

And that my friends, is a morning in the life of me. I am the person who can manage to be running late even when they wake up three hours too early.

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