Thursday, December 30, 2010

A New Year Dawns

And with it comes new challenges. I've always wanted to spend more time working on my writing, but I always seem to lack the proper motivation. Things come up, life gets in the way and all, but not this year.

This year I am signed up to write over 500K words for WriYe. That's write. A whole year focused on writing. During which, of course, I will still do NaNoWriMo at my usual pace. In fact, I can use the writing I do during my plotting process as a part of my word count for WriYe, which is nice.

So I am hoping for at least five fully completed first drafts, more work on G2L as well. My blog posts won't count, unfortunately, so this will all be extra writing. Still, it ought to be fun.

In prep for this exciting year I started making a list of works in progress and a lit of series of novels that I have planned. So you may hear a lot about my writing this year. Progress of my WiP's. I'm actually surprised at how much I have that I've written down ideas for. I really need to sit down and get myself organized so that the year goes smoothly for me.

so who here is great at getting files organized? Normally I'm pretty particular, but I've never really just sat down and figured out the best filing system for my writing. It's just sort of grown organically. Suggestions?

So here is to a year of dreams and hard work. I'm hoping that this year will pay off in the end because writing isn't the only year long goal I have. I want to make 2011 really count for me. I've got plans this year.

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