Saturday, December 18, 2010

Is the month over yet?

I am so regretting committing to this NaBloPoMo thing. Of course, I probably wouldn't have posted in days, maybe more than a week, if it hadn't been for NaBloPoMo. I also know that when this month is over, I'll be posting only sporadically. Even if I had the best of intentions.

Sadly, today I did have the best of intentions for, but I have done nothing. It's almost amazing that I am even showered and dressed. I was going to do some cleaning, work on a few websites and then perhaps some more cleaning.

I have done nothing today. Quite literally nothing. Of course my head feels like it's about to explode any minute, but I rarely ever let that stop me from doing things. All the same, despite my dislike of taking any pill tonight I will be taking muscle relaxants just so I can go to sleep and be able to stay asleep long enough and sleep well enough so that I can manage to find a way to get off my butt tomorrow.

Then maybe I might have something interesting to say here, but for now. I hurt and I am feeling entirely unmotivated. *le sigh*

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