Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Belated Holiday Wishes

You may notice that I missed a few days of posting. Three to be exact. Some will say "well it was the holidays", but that's really no excuse. I could have posted, but I didn't. I was thoroughly enjoying my little vacation in Saskatoon.

Christmas day was, nice. We arrived about 01h00 local time and unloaded the dinner, our stuff and everything (and everyone) else. We chatted for a bit and joked around and it was really quite late for all of us by the time we went to bed. So when we woke up later that Christmas morning, it was quite late in the morning.

We opened presents and had a late breakfast and by the time breakfast was over, we needed to bust our humps to try to get the turkey on in time for dinner! The boys went out coyote hunting while us girls did the meal. It was the tenderest turkey yet and we got to rag on the guys for coming home empty handed...not a single skin to sell.

We passed the next two days in lazy, country comfort with a couple of forays into the city for this, that and the other thing. We went on a trail ride through the quarter as well. It's kind of nice riding through snow covered fields.

One of the boys did even get to shoot something on one of the days after Christmas when the Airedale terrier managed to tree a porcupine. After removing the quills from her nose, the boys enjoyed the dispatching of the rodent, much to our objections.

If only things could have continued so, but like the ride in, the ride out of Saskatchewan was not so smooth. In fact, I think it counts as the longest trip between home and Saskatoon ever. A trip that would normally take 5 - 6 hrs took 8.5 hrs instead.

A flat tire that needed replacing soon after crossing the provincial border and an accident that held up the highway not far from home. I was glad to get home and find that my cats had survived my absence quite well at least. Now it's to bed and work tomorrow.

I hope you all had a Christmas at least half as nice as mine.


  1. Awww, you dropped out of the NaBloPoMo race too? Sad panda.

  2. Well, I'd more like to consider myself as a few posts behind as opposed to having "dropped out".