Sunday, December 5, 2010

Holobchi or not

I was going to an oh-so-exciting post about my exploits into making holobchi - a ukrainian vegetarian cabbage roll. Unfortunately I won't be. So sorry to break your heart. I was even going to includ pictures.

Sadly, they still have another 30min in the oven and I still need to clean up. I also would like to go to bed early. Some days are just tiring. Or rather, I'm always tired. Take your pick.

Today was better than expected. I think I handled myself quite well. I'm happy with myself and I think I will be able to move on from this sooner or later. It's really good to know that. Moving on is a good thing.

Sadly, that is all I am going to say on the matter. You can wonder about it till the cows come home, but this is a public blog and only so much can be revealed. So just ignore the funny little man behind the curtain.

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