Monday, February 7, 2011

You've got a Bad Reputation

We all know who I'm talking about here. Everyone hates it for one reason - because of what it represents. The beginning of the work week. That's right. I'm talking about Monday.

The poor day just gets no credit. If things just seem to be going wrong no matter what, you're having a Monday. It's really not fair, the day of the week just landed at the wrong spot. The beginning.

Unfortunately, I started off having a Monday today. My shower flooded. It sure was fun to deal with this morning. Of course, things did get better from there, but that could have easily ruined anybodies day.

Lucky for me, my day ended with being told that I was valuable and irreplaceable. The thought did go through my head "if I can't be replaced, I can't promoted", but that's okay. I don't need promotion, just decent pay and a good job.

I should probably go make cupcakes for my coworkers now, but, as usual, I'm tired. One day, I may actually do something about it. For now, I'll give in.

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