Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Acids and Bases

So, to be perfectly honest here, I nearly forgot to write an entry today. Mostly I was distracted by the fact that my kitchen sink is clogged and I refuse to do dishes until I unclog it. Of course, I'm mostly not doing dishes due to the fact that I need to run hot water for five minutes before I have hot water and by the time I do that, I have sink full of cold water instead.

Determined to fix this problem I picked up some Drano. After a couple of attempts, my sink wasn't draining much faster. Normally, baking soda and vinegar work great for unclogging my drains, but this time I needed something stronger and it wasn't bloody well working.

The next step would be to get under the sink and take apart the catch clean it out by hand, but I loathe the idea having to do that. I won't ask the management company to do it either because I want it done now, not a few days from now.

That was when it occurred to me. Drano is just a caustic soda, a BASE. What would happen if I used vinegar with it instead of water? Would it be like using baking soda, only a lot more effective?

So finally, at 10pm, I gave my idea a try. I am now out of vinegar, but I did get some distinct movement. Right now I'm giving it a moment before trying to run the water again. *fingers crossed*

In the mean time, I need to get myself refocused on exercising. Eating right has been the easy part, but I've been pretty sluggish lately and I think I feel a cold coming on - which isn't helping matters. I need to find a way beyond will power to get out of bed when I wake up.

Heck, most of the time I can barely get out of bed in time to shower, dress and make a lunch for the day - don't even mention the word breakfast. I used to have so much energy. What happened to it all?

Gee, ain't I full of questions tonight?

So I just checked my sink. Slightly faster draining (as in I can actually see the water go down now instead of checking every ten minutes). We're not there yet, but I can buy more vinegar tomorrow...and a plunger. I think I might invest in one of those as well.

It's nice to know that I remember something about chemistry. I mean, I did sleep through most of it.

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