Thursday, February 3, 2011

An Afternoon of Being Me

Yesterday I left work early so that I could finish the dishes in my now unclogged sink, get a few errands run, eat dinner and go train a dog then come home and make cupcakes for my co-workers.

Unfortunately, nothing went according to plan. I got two loads of dishes done when my sink decided that it was still clogged and started draining accordingly. As in barely. So I fiddled with that and tried to make myself dinner as I ignored whoever was pounding quite insistently on the door to my building.

After half an hour of pounding and a dinner almost made, I went down to see who it was. I opened the door to discover a cop wanting to go see the new guy in number 12. You know, the guy who knocked on my door at 6am on a Saturday morning? That guy.

I apologized for ignoring them, but he understood why I was reluctant to come down. He commented that this is a 'hard building to get in to'. My only response was 'that's why I live here'.

Now delayed a bit more, I eat dinner and head out to go train a puppy. I bump into the one neighbor I actually know - my closest neighbor. On his way out as well. He offered to give me a ride, which I accepted. It was entirely out of his way - about 15 minutes in the opposite direction. I was grateful.

Training went good. Very good actually...and I got a second meal of rack of lamb and a glass of wine. Leftovers. It was delish.

So I go home to make my cupcakes, having stayed about an hour longer at my dog training session than I would normally have stayed. It was after 9pm when I got home and started making cupcakes. I started with the gluten free ones which, sadly. Did not work out.

By 10pm, I was cleaning up my mess and saying 'screw this, I'm tired'. I took one last stab at my sink and went to bed. As I got comfortable I remembered I had to do my blog. *le sigh*

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