Monday, February 21, 2011

Count Downs

One week till the end of the month and I can have the occasional lazy non-blogging night.

Two weeks until I get to order my ukulele. It's just a Makala Tenor, but I'm excited. It is, at least, upgraded with Aquila string.

One month until the baby shower. I get see my best friend and touch the belly. lol.

Two months plus one week till I turn 30. See my sad face? I don't want to be thirty.

Three months until my half marathon - I better get training, but actually running is hard when it stays below -20!

Three months and one week until my nephew is born and I'll be heading out to Saskatchewan to see him. Let's see if I can bond with a baby. I hold my doubts, but I'll love him anyway.

After that, it's all an unscheduled mystery at this point. I know I want to go home at some point this year...and there is Vegas in October (hopefully). Definitely taking the rugrat to Disneyland as soon as he's old enough.

I like mysteries though. I like all the blank spots in between the dates mentioned. Anything can happen. Anything. Of course, it's also a reminder of just how short life is. Gotta stop to smell the roses.

I got to remember, that when I look back on my life, I want to be happy with landscape, not sorry about all the trails I didn't have the time to take.

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