Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Training Run

Today was the day of the big run. It wasn't exactly the 10K that we were hoping to do, but it was still a pretty good indicator of what our time on the half marathon might look like. In total we ran about 7.5 km in the hour that we were at the track.

That means, in my current condition, I would be able to finish the half marathon in 3-3.5hrs. Not too bad, but I want to do better. Dee thinks we can finish in 2hrs, which would be great, but I am just aiming for under 3hrs myself.

My problem at this moment isn't toning my muscles, it's my lungs. I knew they would be my weak spot and I was right. My lungs are holding me back from being able to do better. I need to build my cardio.

There are some breathing exercises that I can do to help, but the biggest thing will to just get my lungs working harder. Tomorrow I am stopping by the rec centre downtown. It's only $24 for a month membership and they open at 5:30am on weekdays. So long as I am home by 7am at the latest, I'll have no trouble making it to work on time still.

Speaking of exercise, I'm going to do some crunches before hitting the hay early tonight. I want to make sure that I'll be able to get up in time to go check out the gym before work.

Oh...and in other news, I finally got to see Score: A Hockey Musical. The only thing it seemed to be missing was a Tim Hortons reference, but it was amusing, not great, but enjoyable all the same. :)

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