Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Something to think about

There was a time where I was asked a question that really made me think. It was a long time ago, but it went something like this:

"Consider this question, totally disregarding all considerations such as money, education and even talent. What job would you love to have, that would make you happy and fulfill you?"

I want you, as a reader, to think about this question. Really think about it. Don't just say the first thing that comes to mind. Consider your values, your hobbies, consider yourself. What is that job?

I'm sure a few can come to mind for most. I had to think about it for a few minutes myself. Finally, I gave an answer that even I hadn't originally expected at the time I had been asked this question.

I want to be a photographer. I want to let people see the beauty that I see in the world. I want to travel all over and see things that not everyone gets to see and then I want to share it with them. I want people to see the wonder and joy in everything. I want to share my vision.

Sadly, I doubt I will ever be a photographer. As much as I enjoy it, I can't afford to study it. I can't even afford the equipment. As close as I come to my dream is taking pictures for my friends and for myself with my sub-par camera.

You know what though? I'm okay with that because I am still taking pictures. I am still sharing my vision - even if it is with a much more limited audience. That is okay.

So, what's your answer?

Oh, and in addition to this more thought provoking entry, I would like to share that I have had a pretty shitty morning. From losing my only (and irreplaceable) wrist brace, pinching a nerve and nearly being late for work. Things could have gone better.

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