Wednesday, May 23, 2012


It is is obviously time for me to start running again. Last night I was feeling quite restless so I decided to go for a little walk. Not a very long one, it was only about a 3 km loop. Just something to get me out of the house for a few minutes.

Once I was out on the path by the river, I no longer felt like walking. I wanted to run. Just run flat out and stretch my legs, watch the scenery fly by me. I felt the need to move.

Only problem was, I wasn't dressed for running. No matter how tight I do up my belt, my pants still slip. I was wearing skater shoes and a hoodie as well. No, I wasn't dressed at all for running. And I ran anyway.

I ran until my pants were falling down and lungs were hurting. Then I pulled up my pants and ran a bit further. I did this for the whole 3 km and I realized that I must have fallen in love with running even though I haven't run since the half-marathon a year ago. I never would have thought that it was possible for me.

I went home, and I fell asleep. And when I woke up this morning and saw the rain, I thought - I can run in this. It's not that bad.

So, I need to set a reasonable goal. I want to start, but being able to run the full 3km loop I did last night. I'd like to do it in under 15 min.

Then I am going find a 5km route and practice that till I can run it straight through as well. And then I am going to keep going. Moving up the distance, trying to shorten the time. I'd like to be able to run a 10 km race in under an hour.

Yup. I have goals. And those little goals are going to get me to my next half-marathon. The Hypothermic Half in Calgary in Jan/Feb.

Oh, and as a bonus, my foot only bothered me a little bit during and after the run. Whatever is wrong with it, it's not doing too bad so away I go.

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