Monday, May 14, 2012

Adventures of the Socially Inept

Just the other day I went plant shopping with a friend. There was a wholesale greenhouse that was having a one day retail sale. We decided to go check it out. Neither of us needed much, but it was something to do.

When we got there she realized that the greenhouse only took cash or credit - no debit. I gave her the okay to abandon me to go find some cash so I wandered around on my own for a bit. Mostly sticking by the herbs and veggies since I have a preference for useful plants.
A very tall and rather cute guy started talking to me. He had volunteered to help out at the sale (the proceeds were going to local highschool sports team). He was joking around and of course I played along.

Every time he walked by he made a point of talking to me. Mostly joking, sometimes leaning towards serious. When my friend returned he left, but every time she walked away to check out another plant, he was back talking to me.

He even made a joke about how he should have worn a muscle shirt and walked around flexing his pecs as he asked people if they needed help carrying things. Unfortunatly, we left soon after and my friend turned to me to asked if I had gotten his name and number.
"Wait, so he was hitting on me?" I stopped and frowned. "I was wondering about that. I mean, he could just be nice. But he really was cute wasn't he?"

My friend rolled her eyes and just walked on ahead,

So there you have it my friends. I spent fifteen minutes chatting with a hot guy who was hitting on me and I didn't even realize. Perhaps if I had, I'd be going out on a date this friday instead of staying home like always.


  1. Sometimes it's hard to know what's really going on while you're in the moment. Sure you could have picked up on the clues, but on the other hand he could have given you his name and number. I think it works both ways.

    1. Very true. He could have. Then again, I wasn't exactly flirting back, just being myself and being nice.