Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A New Addiction

It's been a while since I've posted something because I have become pre-occupied lately. I seem to have a new focus and I am still learning how to balance my life with this new focus.

I am still working on my 365 photos. I'll get around to uploading those and posting them. I swear. I just need to find my balance.

Those who know me and follow me elsewhere on the internets may know that I got "pressured" into joining a gym. I am not a gym person, but with several friends joining and an incredible deal on, I gave in.

Since I have joined I have been going neatly every day. Or if I'm not going to the gym, I'm out getting some other sort of activity. Even on the days I go for a run in the morning, I still go to the gym after work.

Yeah. It's like an addiction. I am trying hard to make fitness a habit for me. I am trying to make like an addiction. If I have a hard day, I want my default to be to go for a run or to the gym. Not reach for food or drink.

I may not be the sort of person who gives in to addiction, but this is one habit I want to form. I want a body I can be proud of. I want to be strong, fit and healthy.

So please excuse the mess while I attempt to make this adjustment in my life. I just need to get this new addiction sorted out.

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