Saturday, January 22, 2011

No Go Mojo

I will be the first to admit that I don't live in the greatest neighborhood. Some of my neighbors themselves are highly questionable, but on the plus side, I pay very little for a very nice apartment right in in downtown. Just 4 blocks from work.

Now that I started with that. I was woken up shortly after 6am this morning by someone knocking on my door. One of my neighbors, someone I hadn't met yet, was the one doing the knocking. He said he needed to call 911 because there was a lady outside laying in the snow. He didn't have a phone.

Still groggy and half asleep, I dialled 911 and handed him my phone. I closed the door on him (for all I know he could have just taken off with my phone) and threw on some clothes and shoes to go see what the hell was going on. I was only half listening to what he was saying to the operator, but he wasn't making much sense to me.

He handed me back the phone when I came out of my apartment and I talked to the operator as I went outside to see what he was talking about. There was no one out there. The snow in the empty lot next to my building was barely even touched. I went back in and he insisted he had seen her from the back.

Wanting to make sure that there really wasn't anyone out there, I went out the back door and looked again. This time I could see a mark in the snow, he pointed at it, but it didn't look fresh and I didn't see a person. At his insistence I tromped down to look and once again, saw nothing.

So grumpy, my plans for sleeping in utterly ruined, I apologized the 911 operator for the disturbance and went back inside.

I had been looking forward to an active day of cleaning and reorganizing my apartment, doing some writing and getting some webdesign done. Instead, I was tired and cranky - my mojo for the day ruined.

I did get a few things done...and I am now in position of a couch. All I need is some real side tables and a coffee table and I have a full living room set up. Although it does feel a little crowded.

So now, will little done besides laundry, I'm going to bed at the god awfully early hour of 8pm. Because I am still cranky, still tired and my mojo is still all off. Tomorrow had best be a better day and if someone wakes me up, I just might have to take a baseball bat to them.

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