Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Another Step Forward

I made another step forward on one of my life list goals. It's not one I've posted yet, but I made a step towards achieving it today. It was a a slightly faltering step, but that's okay. I got pointed in the right direction.

Wondering what goal I've made a step towards? Well it's not one of the ones listed below either. I'll get to it - until then you'll just have to keep guessing what goal it is!

13. Swim with Sharks

I know someone who has done this and they made me long for the experience. It would be incredible to see a shark without the glass between us, but a few bars for safety are more than welcome if that’s the deal.

14. Learn to Surf

Ideally, it would be cool to do this in Hawaii, but I will learn it anytime the opportunity comes up. We won’t mention that I can barely balance on a skateboard.

15. Go Scuba Diving

This has a preferable location as well – any reef anywhere. I want to see the corals and tropical fish in their natural habitat. I want to swim with the fishies.

16. Visit a Volcano

Qualifier, it has to be an active volcano. I want to not just see it from a distance, but I want to go right up on it. Now that would be something to write home about.

17. Travel Europe

I should have done the stupid college kid thing and saved up to backpack Europe. I didn’t, but I still want to go. I don’t have to backpack, but I do want to see it. By train or bus, and not just the cities.

18. Spend (at least) a Week At Sea

I suppose a cruise would count, but maybe something a little less comfy and with less landing points. It really doesn’t count if we make port every few days for sightseeing. I’m talking about a week at sea with no port calls until that week is over.

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