Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Holding Patterns

San Francisco is going to be on hold. I thought about and the more information I receive, the less likely it seemed. I can afford, but barely. I still want to go home some time this year and my BFF would to do Vegas for her birthday in October.

then the biggest realization. My best friend is having a baby. In March, we'll be having a baby shower for her and I want to get her the best damned present EVER. She deserves it. And since that falls between now and the proposed San Fran trip, one or the other needs to be sacrificed.

As much as I want to go on this trip and treat myself, the people I love will always come first in my life. She deserves better than me saying "Sorry, I can't get anything for my new little niece or nephew because I want to go to San Francisco for my birthday." Not happening.

I'll do it later, but for now I need to think up other options for my birthday. A part of me wants to do a spa day. Go to the spa, relax and pamper myself. Then take myself out for a super fancy expensive meal...maybe even a new dress and shoes. I want to get done up to the nines.

Of course, I'd be going out to dinner alone, but that would be a statement in itself right? I'm not afraid to be single. I am strong and confident. Still, I'd love to have someone to share it with. That would be nice.

Speaking of which. I am trying to take the advice of all my friends and put myself out there more. No more years between relationships. I need to give these guys a chance. At least one or something.

Hey, I know at least that I've been loved once in my life. How lucky can I girl be?

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