Sunday, January 30, 2011

From Dawn till Dawn

My Saturday started at a much to early 6am. My friend was buying a treadmill that happened to be going on sale for $1400 off the original price. she wanted to make sure she was the first person at the store in the morning to make sure she got the one she wanted. So, I indulged her. Of course, I got breakfast out of the deal.

After she got the treadmill (and a new snow shovel!) we grabbed breaky and headed down to Best Buy, which was still closed. So we shopped instead. Winners and Old Navy. I got a new pair of jeans (much needed) and a lilac wool jacket which was on a surprising sale for only $15.

Then we went back to the mall for a few more items and found out that one of our favorite stores was having a sale. A great sale. Buy one sale item get the second sale item for $1. Who can turn that down?

So two tank tops, three t=shirts and a pair of stunning white jeans later. It's time for lunch and the one stop I actually wanted to make in the mall. I have metal allergies, but I hate spending a fortune on earrings. So i picked up some cute hypo allergenic earrings.

Then it was lunch and home! It had been quite the long day already. I was going to relax the rest of the evening. Make myself a nice dinner and pour a glass of wine. That was my plan. That's not what happened.

I went to the store, picked up the ingredients for my nice meal. I was going to marinate some lamb chops and then broil them and serve them with pan fried asparagus and a mashed turnips. I also saw that the store had some sweaters on sale. So I bought a few because the one thing I needed and didn't get was a sweater.

I get home, chill out with a movie as the lamb chops marinated when I get a text. I had to go see this band that was playing at a place on a block or so from where I live. So, of course, I went.

I dolled myself up in hopes that I may meet someone. I am working on my appearance so that I can really embody the idea of putting myself out there. I only had three drinks at the bar that I paid for, but a couple of nice ladies ended up sitting beside me.

We got to talking and we really enjoyed each others company. As the night wore on, I found out that they were a couple. And they kept buying rounds of drinks. Shot after shot. They were fun and fascinating and the music was incredible.

By the way, if you want to check out the talented musicians that spent the night entertaining us all. I saw Joe Nolan, Tyson Motsenbocker and Mike Edel. I highly recommend all them.

So, a great day, a great night and now it looks like I get to have marinated lamb chops for tonight's dinner instead. Although, I'm not much of a drinker. After a night like last night, I may just forgo the wine.

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