Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Kyanite Book Club

Alrighty, maybe you've seen the post about this, or maybe not, but this is an interesting and fun idea that my publisher, Kyanite Publishing decided to do. A Book Club! (Read their blog post about it here)

For the TL:DR people here is a summary.
  • They choose two books each month. A science fiction and a fantasy or horror novel. Because not everyone likes the same kinds of books.
  • Those who take part can get a 30% discount off the book they choose when ordering directly through Kyanite Publishing. I am aware that this will be most beneficial to those in the USA, but their website isn't the only place to get books. However, for those who buy ebooks, that works GREAT no matter where you are and who doesn't like a discount? (The discount code is in the Book Club on the Kyanite Discord channel)
  • And you get a chance to chat about these books not only with other readers but with the author themselves on the Kyanite Discord channel. There will even be an official Q & A within the channel for the chosen books. 
One of the things I love about the people at Kyanite Publishing and Press is that they are willing to do and try new things. They know that readers love the chance to interact with the writers of their favourite novels and this is your chance.

This JULY will be their first Book Club and I would love to see it be a great success so that when Feathers and Fae come out, it could potentially be a choice for November!

The choices for this month are:

 Vincent Solaris is a teenage malcontent who barely graduated from the Detroit District Six School of Ethics. His unplanned future changes dramatically when he is arrested and charged with crimes against the Central Committee. Rather than being put to death, he is sentenced to three years in the Earth Defense Forces.

Relieved by this twist of fate, Vincent is sent off to train at the local Replacement Depot. But any dreams of him lazing away his years of servitude are shattered when an alien horde called the Alliance attacks. On their way to the harsh killing fields of war, Vincent meets Fiona, a Martian gangster serving a life sentence. Together, they must find a way to survive against the most terrifying foe humanity has ever seen.(Get it here)

Does she have a secret life? One even she doesn’t know about?

Seventeen-year-old River has always felt like she doesn’t belong. It doesn’t help that she sees a light around people that reveals their true nature. When a new kid shows up at school who she can’t read, everything changes. Transported to a new life, River is forced into a dangerous, beautiful world that has been impatiently awaiting her return. (Get it here)

I am currently in the process of reading Citizen of Earth which will quickly be followed by me binging on River.

These are both talented and dynamic writers that I am sure you will enjoy. I am looking forward to having reviews up no later than the first week of July to help you choose which novel you want to read. Of course, that doesn't mean you can't read both! I know I'm going to be reading them both!

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