Monday, November 5, 2012

The Capillary's 30 Days of NaNoWriMo Scenes: Day Five

I have really got to stop writing these at the end of my day when I am dead tired. You know I only realized today, that I gave away the scene for Day 10 already? Sheesh. I suck.

I can barely even type right now. I am just so exhausted. So I will keep this one shirt and sweet.

Day 5: Defeat of villain scene

"With God, all thing are possible!" Michel screamed it as loud as he could, not caring at all if every last demon in Hell heard him. It didn't matter if this was the end of him now because without her, nothing mattered anymore. He had lost his first love, he would not lose Paige as well.

"Faithless words, they have no meaning. You need faith to back it up." Satan sneered as he stood in front of Paige's unconscious body.

"Maybe once upon a time I had lost my faith. I spent my time clinging to the past, but no longer." Michel reached for the small golden pendant that hung around his neck and ripped it off. "I need no tokens to remind me of my sins and I will always have my memories if I find myself missing what has passed. I've put it behind me and I shall not carry those burdens with me any longer."


"Maybe, but actions speak louder. If can forgive me than I can forgive myself - and with God all things are possible. You are nothing but the whisperer of lies. You have no power over me anymore, not even here." Michel strode forward toward Paige and he tried not to feel the prideful as Satan had no choice, but to step aside and let him. He gathered her in his arms and headed in a random direction. He didn't know how to get out of Hell, but at least he had achieved the most important thing. He had rescued Paige.

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