Friday, November 2, 2012

The Capillary's 30 Days of NaNoWriMo Scenes: Day Two

As a very surprising coincidence, today is writing a flashback scene just as I am writing one of two flashback chapters that are mini stories within my stories. So, I guess today is easily going to be a part of my word count.

Unfortunately, I am VERY pressed for time today, so you're getting the little flashback that I wrote yesterday. I know, not true to the challenge. Sorry!

Day 2:Flashback Scene

Annoyed, he crushed the unfinished cigarette in his fist and closed his eyes. It was different images that followed him into his sleep. His past haunted him constantly when he let his mind wander on its own. He’d see their dying faces, he’d see the face of Mother Mary, at whose feet he had prayed and fasted for many days.

And all of that would burn in his mind, the flames eating at the images, warping them into nightmares that he could not look away from. This was his past and even as he fell asleep he could feel the tears roll down his cheeks.

His body relaxed and he was blessed with images of a sweeter time. A better time than all he had experienced since. He could remember her, her long dark hair being blown in the breeze, laughing and running through recently harvested wheat field.

Michel watched her, transfixed, just a young man of only sixteen years, but a man all the same. She was the daughter of their neighbour. A freehold landowner like his own father. It would be a good match, his family had said and he had no objections. Jacqueline was perfection itself.

“Michel! Michel!” She was close enough now for him to hear her. Her voice echoed in his mind like the sweetest song. “My father just told me the news. We are to be married at noon tomorrow. Is that not wonderful?”

And that is all you get! There is a lot more to this one, but I wanted to leave it a good note and not to where this flashback ends up taking us.

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