Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Capillary's 30 Days of NaNoWriMo Scenes: Day Three

There are no weddings that will be taking place during this novel, but I thought perhaps you would like to catch a small glimpse of Michel and Jacqueline's simple wedding. Maybe it could be a dream....ah, but I doubt it.

Oh and sorry about being so late in posting this (10 minutes to midnight! sheesh). I spent the day out with a friend and I was so focused on upping my word count that I almost forgot. I whipped this out in 30 minutes. And I'm really tired.

I hope it's not too horrid to read!

Day 3: Wedding scene

He stood with his father by his side trying not to show the world how nervous he actually was. The doors opened to the small chapel, the light was nearly blinding, but he could see her outline. As she stepped into the shadowed alcove he caught his breath.

She stood still for a moment, the light catching on the stones and making it look as though she was the sun herself. She stepped forward as the doors began to close, the illusion broken. Michel found it hard to breathe still for he still found her stunning.

She was dressed in velvet the winter river trimmed in lace and her dark hair had been combed until shone even in the dark church interior. She joined him underneath the carre and smiled shyly. As the priest spoke they exchanged glances that spoke volumes.

As they walked out beneath the arch of flowers and over the laurel leaves scattered on the path, she reached out and touched the back of his hand. Michel felt sure that this was heaven. He must surely have died for there was no possible way his heart could hold this much joy with bursting.

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