Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wasted Time

Today I'm going all the way back to a my kickthehabit posts about procrastination. I had started to make some good progress, but I've backslid quite a bit since then. There are a lot of things that are just not getting done. Why did I back slide? I'm really not sure. Disruption of routine usually does it for me easily enough.

I've found a lot of ways to put off doing what I need to be doing. Instead of designing websites (which is work after my day job) or writing, I'm exercising. Or trying to work of the energy to exercise. I've got to find better ways to manage my time then I currently do and still fit in the exercise as well.

Okay. We'll take this by the steps. Let's work through this.

Step 1 - Break down your day
  1. Get out of bed between 6:30a and 7:00am
  2. weigh-in, heat up water for shower, feed cats, make lunch - 15-20min
  3. shower - 15-20min
  4. set-up coffee, blow dry hair, dress - 20-25min
  5. make-up (if time) - 5-10min
Time Required: 55-1:15min ~ Time Unaccounted for: 0min
Work 8am-5pm (not including OT)
  • breaks and lunch are used for surfing internet, sometimes writing blog post. Potential for optimization.
  1. arrive home between 5:15 and 5:30pm
  2. optional - grocery shopping, run errands do laundry - 40-1:30min
  3. cook dinner, check on cats, do dishes - 30-60min
  4. eat dinner while watching TV - 60min
  5. exercise - 30-60min
  6. Bedtime at 10:30pm
Time Required: 2:00-4:30min ~ Time Unaccounted for: 30-3:00min

Step 2 - Find Wasted Time

Okay, there is some obvious room for improvement on those evenings. We all need time to chill as well, but how much do I really need? Is my dinner time my chill time or should I use that to multitask? Should I try cleaning while I'm cooking my dinner? Can I make better use of my breaks at work for writing or blogging?

I've never written my schedule out like this before and I'm scared of even thinking about how much time I waste on the weekends. My weekends are so up in the air all the time and when I do have the weekend at home I often find myself thinking about everything I need to do, but not doing any of it.

Step 3 - Plan Optimization

Okay, the best way to take this is to change on thing at a time. So what can I change? Where can I add or move things to make the schedule better? I can add more time in the morning, by getting up earlier. I can use that time for writing, exercise or even blogging. I can prepare my lunch the night before to free up even more time in the morning.

I can block manage my time during the evenings so that I spend less wasted time. I can break up the workout. Maybe even do some exercises while cooking. Some people find that block managing their time and focusing on one thing at a time makes it easier to get things done. I've never tried it before, but it might be worth it.

The important thing is making the changes slowly, one at a time, so that I can make them apart of my schedule and not back slide again. Once I have one change well incorporated then I can add another change and then another.

It's obvious that, like many, I procrastinate way too much. So here I go again, trying to kick my procrastination habit.

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