Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Lesson in CS

So I had a friend pick up a mobile phone card for me so that I have a way of communicating while in the UK without paying an arm and a leg. I just wanted an answer to what I thought was a very simple question. Unfortunately this is the conversation that ensued through their Twitter support account. Although I'm not angry, I am a little frustrated with this company already. I'm reserving judgement on them until I actually try the product itself. Therefore, the company name is protected.

ME: I bought a SIM card to use when I go to England in Aug. Can I activate it before I leave Canada? Will it affect anything?

MOBILECO: Where did you buy the SIM from?

ME: Not sure. I actually sent the money to a friend in the UK to buy and mail to me.

MOBILECO: Is it a Pay As You Go or contract SIM?

ME: Pay as you go.

ME: if it makes a difference she got it from the Carphone Warehouse in Hull.

MOBILECO: ...if it's a contract one then it'll be active from when you buy it. Hope this helps.

ME: I already said it's pay as you go. Can I activate it while in Canada or do I have to wait till I'm in the UK?

MOBILECO: It should just activate when you put it in a phone.

ME: I know that already It doesn't answer the question I asked. Can I activate it while in Canada or wait till I land in the UK?

MOBILECO: If it's a PAYG then it'll only be active once you top up and that's when it will be active. Hope this helps :)

ME: No, it does not. I give up since obviously you didn't even bother to read my actual question. Not impressed.

MOBILECO: It should just activate when you put it in a phone.

ME: At this point I'll be amazed if you actually answer my question. I hope the phone service is better than your CS.

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