Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lost: Creativity

As silly as this may sound, I seem to have some sort of writers block that is even stretching it's way to my blog. I want to write something, I sit down to write and nothing comes out.

Yesterday I sat down to work on some flash fiction. After two hours, all I got was a bit of flash of under 100 words. Not that it wasn't good, but it was a struggle. I hate being blocked like this. And it doesn't even feel like block, not really. I just feel like I have no creativity left in me. I'm drained.

I have to tell you that this not a very nice feeling. In fact, it's frustrating. All I want to do is write and I'm getting nothing. Just nothing.

Does anyone know where my creativity went? I may even offer a reward if it is found and returned to me in the same condition.

Heck if it wasn't for the wonderfully talented The Capillary encouraging me, I would never have managed to crank out at least one short story.(read it here).

So, I repeat, please help me find where my creativity went.

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