Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wii Fit

So I've been watching my food to help lose weight and as you can tell from my previous entry I've been pretty successful. The first 20 lbs down and far-too-many-too-admit-to left to go.

For Christmas my sister and BIL gave me a gift card to buy a Wii Fit when I got back to Alberta. I bought the Wii Fit and I've had it for just under a week now. In this time, I've used to every day.

I started off just playing with it a bit. A balance game, the step "class" and hula-hoop. Then I started adding in the strength training and the harder step and super hula-hoop. Then the timed Free Step. And then I added extra weight. Ankle weights and dumbbells.

So what am I thinking of the Wii right now? Well I am sore, but not too sore. I work up a good sweat when I use it and I find it gives me the direction and viewable results that I need to keep me encouraged.

I'm finally learning to not hate yoga. In fact I'm finding the programme encouraging me to keep trying at it. It even makes me feel like I might one day get back to the sort of flexibility I had when I was younger.

I know a lot of people who get the Wii Fit intending to use it, but they never do. Well I think it is worth it and I enjoy it. I'm hoping to add this to my daily routine. I know I won't always be able to get a work out in everyday, but I'm sure going to try.

Losing weight isn't just a goal. It's part of a bigger plan and exercise is a part of that plan. Get healthier by getting fitter.

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