Monday, January 16, 2012

The First 20

I started on my current diet in early November, I may have mentioned it once or twice before. I've been, for the most part, recording steady losses in my weight - which makes me very happy.

Christmas was hard, of course, and I did lost a couple of weeks of hard work. I wasn't going to sweat about it though. It was the holidays and I knew it would be difficult to eat right. Still, I lost the equivalent of 3 to four weeks of weight loss (in actual time and pounds gained).

I am now proud to annouce that I have lost exactly 20lbs as of this morning. The first 20lbs. It is probably the second hardest part of making a diet change like this. The first hardest being the last 20 of course.

The jeans I bought near the end of November are far too loose on me now - which is good, but none of the smaller jeans I own fit me yet. It's got to be the only bad part of losing weight. Not having anything to wear and not wanting to buy anything because you'll shrink out of it too quickly.

And what this first 20 lbs really means? Well to me it means I've made a commitment to my health and well-being. It means that for once I am really going to finish something I've started.

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