Thursday, October 13, 2011

Versatile Blogger

I was surprised and honoured when I logged on (quite a while ago now) to find that the incredible and talented The Capillary has passed this on to me:

Now, I've been averaging 11 - 12 hour shifts at work for the last few weeks so even though I wanted to acknowledge the hours I've been pulling in haven't really allowed it. However, we are back up to full staff (but just as full a work load) so I have something resembling energy. So I am writing this over several days.

To start, I must say "Thank You" to The Capillary. This honour makes me want to really try harder to make my blog a bit better and more focused than it is right now. I doubt that'll happen, but it makes me want to try. Or perhaps, at the very least, more regular entries! To those few that do follow and do read, thank you to you folks as well. It is appreciated.

Besides the thank you to the person that gave the award to me there are two more things I must do. I need to share seven things about me and pass the award on to other blogs. I still need to think about who I want to pass the award on to. I don't read many blogs nowadays so I want to put some good thought into this, but the seven things. Well, you get those right now.

  1. It is incredibly easy for me to get a song stuck in my head. I usually don't mind having a song stuck in my head unless it's a song I hate....of course I pretend that I hate having songs stuck in my head...I don't know why I do that.
  2. I drink a LOT of coffee, but even the four or five giant mugs worth that I have at work regularly is waaaaaay less than I used to drink. Yeah, I used to be one of those people.....
  3. I hate ice. I don't like having ice in my drinks and will always order my drinks sans ice. This is even more crucial if they use an ice machine (which all establishments do) because, well, I've heard stories.
  4. When it comes to cell phones, I may love new tech, but I approach my usage with an old fashioned set of rules. I do not think that one should take calls while in the company of others with few exceptions. When you are spending time with someone that means you are spending time with that person - not someone on the other end of the phone.
  5. I love food. There are very few foods that I don't eat, just foods I can't eat (but still will sometimes anyway). Most of the foods that I don't eat fall under then category of exotic fruits (mango, papaya etc...).
  6. Falling asleep in cars is very difficult for me. I have literally been up from 4am of one day till 11 pm of the next because of an overnight drive to BC. Even if I am beyond exhausted I will constantly keep jerking awake in a moving vehicle. I have yet to be on a long enough flight to see if this applies to planes as well.
  7. I love to cook and I especially love cooking for other people, but I hate cooking in other peoples places.- no matter how well stocked their kitchen is. Although, I think I take greater pleasure in planning meals than I do in actually cooking them.

OMG. I cannot believe I finally got around to finishing this post. I still have to look up some people to pass this on to (that haven't already been nominated).. *phew* I think this only took a week for me to write.

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