Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oh the drama!

So, last night was interesting. I made frenchfries and was sooo tired that I forgot to turn off the burner. The oil caught fire of course and I grabbed a pot lid to put it out and then moved the pot off the burner, in the process knocking a nylon spatual onto the not-yet-turned off burner.

I went around and opened my windows, turned on the fans and blocked the gap under the door so that none of my neighbors would call the fire department. At which point the acrid stench of burning plastics brought the spatula to my attention. I removed it from the burner and turned the burner off. By that time it was too late.

Eyes stinging, lungs burning, I grabbed a bandana and double checked how good I blocked the gap under my door and then I lifted the curtains and tried to help the smoke out by waving a towel for a bit. Eventually I decided that my bedroom was a priority.

I partially closed the door and focussed on getting that area as smoke free as possible. Of course my cats needed access to "their room", so I cracked my door a bit then I  laid by the window and went to bed because there was nothing else I could do and it was the only place where I could be without choking to death. Of course this was after working a 12 hour shift (again) at work.

Yeah. Drama.

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