Wednesday, April 6, 2011

And the silence was deafening...

I wanted so much to blog for the last few weeks, but I was just stuck. I couldn't seem to write anything. Not even a blog post. I tried a few times, I really did, but I got nothing. In fact, I still have nothing. I'm not even sure why I'm posting.

Maybe I just wanted to say hello.

I got my ukulele and it's harder than I thought, but I'm working on it. Work is great, personal life is...well personal. I almost feel like I have a social life. Date on Friday night and West Edmonton Mall on Saturday. If things go well, I get my toe shoes (Vibram Five Fingers).

It's finally starting to defrost in the great white north. I'm thinking it only started to warm up when the hot air from the election campaign! lol.

It's late and I should go to bed so I can try to get up early and get some exercise in the morning. Still, a part of me just wants to stay up forever, but work is so slow with spring breakup that I'd end up drooling on my keyboard if I didn't get enough sleep.

So, the silence is now broken. Let's hope I can figure out this writing thing again soon.

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