Thursday, September 4, 2014

Blood on the Stars - Part 1: Secrets & Lies - CH. 9 (4)

Complete silence followed the statement for a moment or two before everyone seemed to be talking at once. Eve placed a hand on Hans’ shoulder and guided him out of the control to a smaller room off to the side. She sat him down and brought him a glass of water. Hans just looked at it as he tried to gather his thoughts.

“We will be requiring your assistance and that of your colleagues as Alfonzo was of the opinion that your story is the true one. Tell me what you can of the Afoixox.” Eve sat down across from him and waited patiently for Hans to speak. Hans sipped at the water until it was gone before said anything.
“They are small creatures, very unintimidating by human standards and covered in dusty red fur from head to toe. They are relentless in their pursuit of war and will stop at nothing to take what they need before moving on again. If they are not fighting, their life is meaningless. If you trap one alone in a room long enough it will begin to fight with itself.

“They understand diplomacy and have used it before to gain a hold on civilizations that they are afraid may defeat them in outright battle. They are cunning, very clever. However, once again, their true character comes out quickly enough. They will fight, they will always fight. The Shai Halad believe that their constant war was and is how they keep their population under control. Are you aware of the old saying “breeds like bunnies?”
Eve nodded her understanding and Hans continued.

“They’re worse than that. They multiply very quickly, if not for war they would never survive. Its funny saying that about a race, but it’s true for the Afoixox. It’s been a very long time though. Maybe they’ve changed?” Hans thought about that for a moment and smiled. “It has been millions of years since the Shai Halad last encountered them. It’s possible, but then again all the predictions say that it is highly unlikely.”
“Then we will go on the assumption that the Shai Halad were correct in their assessments. However it would be good to know more about these Shai Halad. Knowledge is important.” Eve tapped her fingers randomly on the table. “I need to meet this one that you call Ohaehim.”

“I don’t know if that will be possible.” Hans met her gaze for the first time. “Getting off Earth and to him would be hard and getting him here is impossible.”
“Point.” Eve held impossibly still for a moment, her already dead eyes managed to look far away. “Okay, I am formulating another plan. However, I will need to contact your alien to be able to clear up this current misunderstanding with the government. Can you communicate with him?”

“Misunderstanding?” Hans could not think of a worse word to explain the situation.  
“You object to something?” Eve asked. Hans decided it would be better not to explain to her what bothered him so much. She wouldn’t understand.

“I don’t know. I haven’t tried and he said he was going to monitor things to learn about our race, but he said he would not be contact with us.” Hans struggled to keep the anger out of his voice.
“Good, then this is a very simple plan. Your alien will provide us with more information and we will incite a reaction from the Afoixox in a public forum. Then we will override all communication channels with our own message.” Eve stood up from the table. “Follow me.”

Hans was left with no choice but to follow her as she walked back through the control room ignoring all inquiries. She wasted no words or energy on anything other than getting to her destination. Hans didn’t bother asking questions because he knew that it would fall on deaf ears. He had a feeling that the explanation would be coming soon enough.
Eve finally stopped outside a door that had no way of manually opening it. She placed her hand on it and it responded to her touch by disappearing. She stepped inside and Hans followed her in to a room that was wall to wall electronics. He had never seen a system like this before it almost distracted him from the fact that door had reappeared almost magically behind him.

Hans had a million questions running through his brain, but he knew that there were more important things than doors and systems. It was making sure that Alfie hadn’t sacrificed himself for nothing. Hans asked the only question that really mattered. “What are we doing here?”
“This is my office. I had a few acquaintances set me up with a set up that would work for me. Almost all of the technology you see here is considered illegal by RAST. You aren’t jacked are you? Of course not, I read your profile. I can fix that.” Eve started activating what seemed like random machines and then tried to hand Hans a small cable. He looked at it confused.

“Put it in your mouth. Best I can do in these circumstances, but I need your help here. I don’t know if the alien will speak to me without you.” Eve proffered him the cable again. Hans took it and put it in his mouth as she had instructed.
“Wha-” Hans started to ask before a wave of information caused him to break off mid-word. It was almost overwhelming. He wasn’t able to move or even think as more information than he could possibly imagine washed over him, through him. As quickly as the wave of information washed over him, it stopped and he was left blinking into darkness.

“Sorry, miscalculated. This is an interactive virtual interface that I helped to create for those who are not permanently connected the way I am. Adjusting…” An image of Eve appeared in front of him and she reached out and took his hand. “That’s better. Let’s connect with your alien now. No time to waste.”

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