Thursday, September 11, 2014

Blood on the Stars - Part 1: Secrets & Lies - CH. 9 (6)

Eve waited till they were all silent and facing her before she spoke. “We have created a video to show to the public after we override the video feeds. Before we override the video feed with our message we are going to show the people who these Afoixox really are. I have managed to ascertain that the information provided to us is correct in that they are as dangerous as we have been told – perhaps more so.

“I have been in communication with a source that has provided me with detailed information on the Afoixox. We have a way to incite them into showing their true colours to the government. We have a few days in which to prepare for the implementation of this plan. I would like for us to use this time to gather as much information as possible about what the government actually does know about not only the Afoixox, but the Shai Halad as well.
“As for the opportunity that presents its self to us at this time has to do with the video message that will be overriding the video feed that is being streamed to all of the United Worlds. We can put our logo on it and let them know that we are involved in showing revealing this information or we can stay silent. This is not my decision to make – it is yours.”

“It would boost recruitment if it goes right, but it will also make us more visible to the government as a target. And if things go wrong…” A woman spoke up from the corner of the room where she had been standing with her arms crossed.
“It’s not a matter of whether or not it works out in our favour Khalli. It’s more of a matter of whether or not we are willing to take that chance. I’m all for it.” The man who had spoken to Eve earlier said. He turned attention to Hans. “I’m sorry we haven’t been introduced. I’m Leighton and I’m more or less the public relations person for A Bloc.”

Hans nodded as a way of acknowledgement. He really had nothing to say in this situation. Although he had been there in the beginning when Alfie had started the organization, it was never anything he had ever wanted to be deeply involved in, but here he was in the thick of things now.
“This is Khalli and that is Amit.” Leighton continued, introducing the other two people that had come into the room with them. “And I’m sure we’d all like to hear what you have to say on this.”

“Excuse me?” Hans stood up a little straighter. “I don’t understand.”
“You’re going to be the face of this. Do you want to be associated with us?” Amit spoke up for the first time and Hans was shocked that he recognized the voice. He had never know his name or face, but the voice he knew really well.

“Since I refused so vehemently the last time you asked?” Hans now understood their hesitation. He remembered when he had first been invited to join A Bloc and he had refused in such a way that no one had ever asked him again. Although he had always supported Alfie in whatever he did, he also was not the kind of person to get involved back then. All that had mattered was his career.
“I’m surprised you recognized my voice, but, yes, I did share with my colleagues your reluctance to be associated with this organization.” Amit shrugged and glanced over at Duke and Honora. “Your friends seem to think that you’d have a different opinion now.”

Hans considered his position carefully before answering the lingering question. “I can be the face if you’re willing to take the risk.”
“Then I think we will take the risk. You know, he always did believe that you’d come around some day. I never believed it.” Amit stepped forward and took Hans’ hand. “It is good to finally meet you in person though.”

“Is there agreement?” Eve interrupted her gaze fixed on Khalli and Leighton. When neither spoke up she continued speaking. “Then this is settled. Until Altheia says otherwise, this is priority one. Get it out to all members that for the next few days we need as much data as possible to work with. Even if it’s only peripherally related, I would like that information gathered as well.
“In the meanwhile, we will finish the process already begun for the inciting incident as well as the video afterwards. Also, we need to get a good prediction on how the public in general is going to react. You three, I’ll meet you in the media room shortly. I have one last thing to take care of.”

Eve waited until Amit, Leighton and Khalli had left and closed the door. She motioned to the chairs that none of them had been using. Duke and Honora sat on one side and Hans and Eve sat across from them.
“You three will need to keep a low profile in the coming days. However, I would like to include both of you, Duke and Honora, in the video Hans and I have already started. You are not required to participate, but it would be useful.” Eve said.

“I’m all for it.” Duke nodded.
“Never been pro-government, but are you sure you want me in it? I mean, my past is a little…well…” Honora blushed and looked at the table.

“Your personal histories were researched prior to my asking the question. I will consider that a yes then. Good. If I need any of you I will send someone to bring you to me otherwise, please stay in the suite provided. There is no need for too much advanced word to get out. That will be all. Thank you.” Eve stood up, nodded her head at the three of them and quickly exited the room.
“So what were you two up to?” Duke asked as he stood up from his chair.

“Believe it or not, talking Ohaehim.” Hans said.
“How?” Honora asked leaning over the table towards Hans. “I thought that wasn’t possible.”

“I didn’t think so either, but she has this incredible way of communicating. It was, it was something else entirely. It was very similar to the way the interface on Cantun communicated with me, but this was far more interactive.” Hans grinned. “I swear you guys need to take more risks because this has been quite the journey for me.”
“Kinda just happy both my hands as my own human hands, thanks though. I’m not that adventurous.” Duke wandered towards the door and Honora scrambled out of her seat to follow him. Hans stood up at a more leisurely pace.

“You’re really missing out. I mean, I can have as many fingers as I like with this hand. Way more useful than just being stuck with the typical five.” Hans sauntered after them, not caring that Duke was purposefully ignoring him.

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