Friday, April 19, 2013

Q is for Questions

question (n.) Look up question at Dictionary.comc.1300, from Anglo-French questiun, Old French question "legal inquest," from Latin quæstionem (nominative quæstio) "a seeking, inquiry," from root of quaerere (past participle quæsitus) "ask, seek" (see query).

Question - the word quest is right there at the beginning. To seek, to inquire. A journey to find an answer - that is where a single question starts you. On a journey. Especially when you're talking about self-improvement. Questioning things is a huge part of that.

I question myself every day - Andre Agassi

Questioning yourself, your reasons, your beliefs is one way of building a confidence in the foundations on which you stand. If you take the time to honestly question yourself then no one will be able to push you off balance. Knowledge isn't just education - it's the search for an answer.

Searching for the truth is not a confrontation, it should be a cooperation. Although some people won't see it that way. Chances are they are standing on unsteady ground or have insecurities that flare up at being questioned. Persist though. Question the world outside and in. It's good to be aware that some people cannot stand to be questioned - even if that person is you.

You never choose the way that you're raised - Mia Wasikowska

Nothing is set and stone and there are few absolute truths. Find the grey area and make your own black and white boundaries inside of it. Just remember that others aren't always going to share your views or come to the same conclusions with the answers to their questions - so show some respect.

I think that's enough ranting about questions today. Except remember this. Sometimes the most important question you can ask is 'Why?'.

The key to wisdom is this - constant and frequent questioning - Peter Abelard


  1. Fun post! I question so many things. I think I'm just an inquisitive person! Happy A-to-Z 2013! ~Angela, Whole Foods Living,

  2. This is a great post! Wonderful Q word, and some amazing insights.

    Happy Blogging!
    Kaye Draper at Write Me

    1. Also, I love the name of your blog and your banner message :)

  3. Honest to god until you said it, it never occurred to me that question started with a quest. Mind = blown. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Hi from Nagzilla bloghopping A to Z