Monday, April 9, 2012

Avocado and General Update

Some time last year I decided I was going to try and grow myself an avocado tree. I knew that not all my seeds would grow. So I started with five seeds.

Now here I am almost a year later and the one seed that grew roots is finally starting to sprout. Seriously, just started sprouting last week.

Now, I just started another seed because I still want a couple of avocado trees. So here we go again. I am starting my seeds much earlier this year in hopes that they will grow better.

Wish me better luck this time around with my seeds. I would really like to do better this time around.

In other news, my apartment is torn to pieces as I am in the process of building myself a storage bench and new desk. Yes, I said build.

I have become addicted to Pinterest and have decided to take some of the ideas that I have found on there and put them to work. New recipes, new projects. All apart of my new life in 2012.

Of course, the bench project is taking much longer than I thought it would, but that's okay. I'll get there eventually. I also need to find more time to work out since I've been falling behind in that aspect of my new life.

Now, if only pinterest could help me find a guy...

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