Monday, August 18, 2014

Blood on the Stars - Part 1: Secrets & Lies - CH. 8 (5)

Hans went over the diagrams and figures that Alfie had sent through for him and it answered a lot of questions. He hadn’t been sure what to look for or expect once he had gotten into the AFSF base, but this filled in all the holes for him. At the end of it all was a personal note that he wondered if the Lieutenant had read or not.

Not sure exactly what you’ve gotten yourself into, but I’m glad you trusted me enough to let me help you out. If you manage to pull this off then I’ll be waiting to spring you out when you get here. I should be able to hide you for a bit, but there is no way you can go undetected for long on Earth outside of a very few places like the Sanctuary.

I’ll get you a meeting with the Admiral. He knows the kind of person I am and while he’s not a member, he does agree with us and approves of our goal. I’m sure you’ll be able to trust him with whatever it is that you know. It’ll be good to see you again if, or rather when, you make it.
Cheers, Alfonzo.

For the next few hours Hans sat and worked at memorizing all the details he could so that they would be able to pull off what they had planned. There were a few more things that he would need to make it a viable plan as well that he hadn’t thought of before. He’d need to get a hold of Chimmey for these items as well. It would look suspicious for him to buy these things in the middle of the night.
Hans sent the message and was surprised at how quick Chimmey replied telling him where and when to meet him. Hans wasted no time and headed straight out for the meeting place mentioned – a small café that was actually very close to where he lived.  It was always open and Hans had to admit that it was the perfect sort of place to meet.

He had only been here once before, but it had left quite the impression on him. It was bright, well lit with giant booths that almost guaranteed privacy. There were always people in here, but it was never full. Even at this time there were five other people in the place by the time Hans arrived and that did not include Chimmey who was waiting in one of the back booths where he said he would be.
Hans slid into the seat across from Chimmey and ordered a drink from the automated menu. It was also one of the other good thing about this place, no servers – just the automated system and the noticeable security.

“I was not expecting to hear from you so soon. What is it that I can do for you?” Chimmey spoke in a low voice so as not to be overheard.
“I wasn’t expecting to have to contact you so soon either. I need a few things by tomorrow as well. It’s important that I have these things.” Hans pushed the list that he had made earlier across the table to Chimmey at the same time as drink order arrived. Hans sipped at the caffeinated beverage as Chimmey read carefully through the list.

“I can do this. It’s an interesting list, but as I said, it is not my business what you do with my products, I am only in the business of supply and demand not information.” Chimmey slid the list into his front pocket and stood to leave, but stopped halfway out of his seat before sitting down again. “I know I say this is none of my business, but after your warning tonight I have to ask one thing.”
“I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to answer you.” Hans decided that it was better to let the question be asked than to refuse it and raise further suspicion.

“All your requests of me, they have all been related somehow. I’m very curious about what you’ve been up to, but I won’t ask that. What I want to know is if I’ll be able to find out one day why you are doing what you’re doing?” Chimmey asked.
“I think one day everyone is going to know what we’ve been doing.” Hans said. It was a safe enough answer because it was true. Everyone would know soon enough if they succeeded.

Chimmey just nodded and got out of the booth. He tapped his front short pocket and nodded at Hans before leaving. Hans finished off his drink before leaving. It had been a late night already and tomorrow was going to be even longer.

Hans was nervous the next day at work as he waited for the package to arrive via courier. Duke and Honora had both checked in several times already. Anyone watching would have seen the stress on all their faces, but for now they all had to act like business as usual.
At exactly 1400 hours the courier arrived with the package and Hans signed for it directly. He took it straight into his office and looked through the packages to be sure that everything he had asked for was in there. Hans smiled as he opened the packages and discovered that there were a few extra items that he hadn’t expected – including a small note from Chimmey.

I have a feeling you’ll find some of these items useful. No charge.
 Hans collected all the items and placed them into a crate in the corner of his office. There were just a few things that he needed to borrow from work to get everything they needed. Hans locked his office door on his way out and walked across the hangar. He smiled and acknowledged those who called out to him as he went by.

Hans opened a storage locker on the far side of the hangar that contained some of the items that he needed. He grabbed three rebreathers and glanced back over his shoulder to make sure no one was watching him. He slipped the items into one of the stocking crates that were piled up beside the locker. He walked over to the next locker with the crate.
Hans punched in the keycode for the locker and opened this one with more an extra glance around, but no one was paying any attention to what he doing. He grabbed three small arms from the locker and dropped those into the crate as well. He closed the locker quickly and took another glance around.

He had one last locker that he wanted to visit although Chimmey’s additions to his package meant that it wasn’t quite as necessary, but Hans wanted to be prepared. He carried the crate to the largest locker. He didn’t pay much attention to what he was grabbing out of this one. He just pulled random packages off the shelves and dropped them into the crate as well.
Hans started back to his office when one of the techs called him over. Hans walked over and placed down the crate a few feet away, happy that the guns were well covered by the food packages. “Hi Mattie, what’s up?”

“I was just doing the work for this new shuttle and I found a few discrepancies between what we were told and what the PID is showing.” Mattie held up her mobile diagnostic pad for Hans to see. He gave it the once over.
“I’ll give them a call and I’ll see about getting this sorted out. Just forward those results to my office.” Hans turned to go and grab the crate as Mattie set about sending the details to him.

“Stocking up for a party boss?” Mattie called as he walked away. Hans nearly froze in his tracks, but as he turned around he pinned a smile to his face and laughed.
“Yup, nothing like a bit compressed food bars to lighten up any party. Actually, I was just going to write these off these since they’re about to expire soon. Might as well get to it now rather than have them accidentally end up on a flight.” Hans smiled and headed back to his office relieved that she hadn’t bothered to ask any more questions.

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