Friday, November 1, 2013

Twas the Night Before NaNo

So for my creative warm up for NaNoWriMo on October 31, I took the time to create this wonderful little adaptation of Clement Clarke Moore's "Twas the Night Before Christmas".

Twas the night before NaNo and all through the land
The writers were worrying and watching clock hands
Their fingers were poised over keyboards to fly
Waiting for midnight to roll right on by

The writers were bravely ignoring their beds
While visions of plot twists danced in their heads
Caffiene and sugar, their weapons, near at hand
Inner editors from their heads finally banned

At midnight's arrival their arose such a clatter
And now the word count was all that really mattered
Across their keyboards fingers flew so quick
Word after word appearing so slick

The moon shining in from the window so bright
Gave them ideas that just seemed so right
When what to their wondering eyes should appear?
But a novel beginning, a first draft so dear.

As that night stretched to days with dishes undone
Week two loomed upon them and chores they had shunned
The novel being written no longer shiny and new
Still they kept writing, kept struggling through

It was terrible, no good, each of them thought
But such defeating self-talk would stop them not
It was just a bad patch, they could edit in December!
But that was something none could allow, not in November.

Week three fell upon them with a thundering crash
And they began to believe that they weren't writing trash.
With slaps on the back and tonnes more caffiene
They went back to writing, once again keen

Week four snuck right up and scared every last one
And they all began to panic, would the novel be done?
With a clattering of keyboards and the biting of lips
They wrote without caring about bruised finger tips

That's it! They were done, the end had arrived
And everyone could hear their collective sigh
November was over, but the work wasn't quite done
There was editing to do, and it wasn't much fun

With ice packs on wrists and their beds beckoning sweetly
They could finally sleep, their novels saved completely
And then the writers cried out into the night
"Happy NaNo to all! And to all a good write!"

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